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quick update

A couple of gaming sessions have taken place.

First, Drik/Muralis/Vincent and Malisthorne grouped up to confront the evil genie “Big Al.” Al turned out to be an efreeti and he summoned a couple very powerful Marilith demons to his aid. The heroes with the aid of Malisthorne were able to defeat the efreeti genie lord and his marilith demon servants through the use of powerful magic tied to the castle at the command of Malisthorne (School Headmaster), and the g-unit managed to pit trap one of the demons while Vincent and Muralis smited/whipped them into defeat. Malisthorne’s Phoenix was there to provide some healing aid as well.

Then later in the day, Muralis was scouting the orc horde that has gathered outside the school. While he was out flying around alone he was assaulted and killed by a powerful red dragon of unknown origin. Later, Isabeau would quest to the head of Muralis’s paladin order, a temple of Serenrae located in a city along the inner-sea area on the southern edge, Qadiran empire and the city of Katheer.

After Muralis was ressurected from the dead, Isabeau and Muralis faced the dragon once more with the help of Isabeau’s man, the alchemist. With the added help of his friends Muralis defeated the red dragon and returne dto the Qadiran temple to show proof of his triumph. This gained him access to his order and he finally became a member. He was awarded the Northern Paladin blade for his efforts, a true holy avenger.

This concludes the most recent actions in the game to date.

Zafina goes to Hell

Latest Game Update:
Save a life
Sustain a life
transform a life
unleash a life

After the Grimaldee heroes won the house cup and it was announced that they would be representing Arch-Morgon at the World Cup event, Zafina was informed by Big Al that her father was dead. He also informed her that she (and her brother) were obligated to fulfill her father’s life debt to Big Al.

Zafina researched the plane of water with her friend Vincent and her brother and determined that Ventrassa was involved, specifically Mazkor (Ventrassa Sorcerer) was involved with the genie war and that he had a map of the plane of water. Zafina bartered for the map and her and her friends went to the plane of water where they were met by Zafina’s mother. Her mother was the queen of the Marid Genie, Shahzadas Martie Typhonis. In discussion with the queen, Zafina learned that her father’s eternal resting place was in the tomb of the ancients Shahzadas, a place of honor and peace guarded by the Marid genie. He was considered a genie lord, the first non-genie, genie lord. Zafina and Muralis said their final goodbye’s.

Researching the plane of water introduced Dr. Malcolm McDowell, professor of cartogrophy and geography.

Zafina learned that her mother had kept her distance from her children so that her children would not be involved in the genie struggle for power and so that her children would not be used to harm her, or they themselves become harmed as a result of this power struggle. Zafina learned that her mother had hidden her son and daughter, with the exception of a powerful locket which other genie lords sought after to control the Shahzadas and get her to bend her will to their desires. Martie told Zafina that her father had died resecuring the locket which could be used to control her via threatening her children’s very lives. The locket held true-name magic power over Zafina and Muralis. She learned that her father had been successful at rescuing the locket from evil fire genie’s who had intended to use the locket agains the Marid genie. Martie gave her daughter only a cryptic hint at where the locket was kept. She knew that she was being observed by her enemies even as she spoke the clue and only hoped that her daughter would determine the meaning before her enemies.

Zafina and her brother Muralis did take the hint and it’s meaning. Muralis listened to the part where his mother said that their father hired someone to hide the locket. Muralis knew that meant that her father hired someone at the mercenary order, but the question was, who? Zafina immediately jumped to Darius’s mother, the druid who worked at the school as an instructor now. Zafina went to speak with Darius’s mother and learned that there was another professor at the school who also travelled with the Sultan, it was the evil lich professor Soth. Zafina knew at this point Muralis would have to be distracted because he could never deal with evil such as Soth. So she conspired with Vincent to keep Muralis busy in other ways, like learning how to destroy the locket. So Vincent and Muralis, still seemingly helping Zafina on her quest went their separate ways. Zafina was alone now.

Zafina met with Soth, Vincent accompanied her, but was left out of the conversation by powerful warding magics that prevented others from seeing Soth’s conversations. Zafina learned that Soth was behind helping her father secretly hide the locket. She learned that Soth himself sent Ventrassa students to procure and hide the locket at the paying request of the Sultan. Most disturbingly, Soth informed her that Mazkor had been instructed to hide the locket in Hell. Soth rather wittingly told Zafina, ‘I don’t know where in the hell he hid the locket,’ laughing to himself.

At this point Zafina sought out Mazkor privately, and prepared for a journey into hell. Mazkor and Zafina fought demons, fought through a portal, and then fought several demons on their search of the Abyss for Zafina’s locket. In the end they discovered that a very powerful Bebilith had the locket. Zafina and Mazkor stalked the Bebilith back to her lair and once their Zafina would try using her bard ability to fascinate the Bebilith as well as put the Bebilith to sleep.

Zafina located two tortured souls in the Bebilith’s room and realized one of the souls was her fathers, trapped in the Abyss. Additionally, the Bebilith only bluffed that Zafina’s fascination and sleep attempt was successful. When she tried to move close to the Bebilith to secure the locket from around the Bebilith’s neck, she was grabbed into a slithering, writhing mass of demon flesh as the demon proceeded to molest and rape her. She was fooled, The sudden shock of it all, as well as the demon constricting her into unconsciousness, she awoke being raped in front of her father, his soul being put into the ultimate torment for a father, as he was forced to watch his daughter be raped right in front of him, while he was helpless to do nothing.

Zafina awoke to this horror. She noticed that Mazkor was captured and stripped naked, he was placed on the torture rack next to her father and Mazkor was also tortured, but was forced to watch Zafina endure the demon’s rape and torture. Zafina kept her wits through the pain of the attack and the brutality of the rape and repeated healing and raping. She used her insight of the demon to seek more sadistic pleasure to trick it into giving her a few rounds of freedom. She told the demon that she knew of a way that she could exact revenge on her mother, since this was the chief goal of the demon, she hated Martie, the genie queen, with a passion. The demon had Zafina in a position where she felt Zafina could do nothing to harm her so she released Zafina. Zafina went to Mazkor to check his condition. While she was there, Mazkor whispered to her that she must read the back of the locket, only then could she have a slim chance of success against the Bebilith. Zafina did not understand, but Mazkor having been instructed by Soth, understood the locket’s magic perfectly, Zafina did not know this. She knew that Soth constructed the locket for her father and mother, but she did not know that Soth had trusted Mazkor with the secret’s of the locket.

Zafina armed with this information asked the demon to see the locket, and look upon her brother one last time before the demon finished with her. The demon was pleased at the opportunity to move so close to Zafina upon request one more time. So elated that she didn’t see the trap in it. Zafina carefully pealed the picture out of the locket and read the inscription upon the back of the locket. Instantly she was transformed into a Marid genie princess, The demon quickly realized the trap, but Zafina’s body was as if water and her slithering tail could no longer squeeze her as before. Mazkor seeing the transformation quickly yelled, ‘GRANT MY WISH!’ Zafina replied, ‘ok.’ Suddenly the demon was trapped in a sphere of magical force, unable to escape the power of a granted genie wish. Zafina didn’t even fully understand what she had just done, but quickly helped Mazkor and her father’s tortured spirit escape their bonds. She quickly thought of the plane of water and instantly transported herself and her friends/family to the queens greeting chamber. Zafina was now a genie, with all the powers of her mother, and future capabilities yet to unlock in time. She couldn’t fully comprehend the magic that had transformed her.

Her father’s spirit thanked her for her sacrifice to save his soul, and Zafina did manage to grab the Bebilith’s treasure horde as well, which she split with Mazkor. She would later leave the genie realm and regroup with her friends on a mission. This time she was with Drik, Muralis, and Darius.

The mission was to rescue an Arch-Morgon spy. The spy was being held in a black wizard tower north of the lastwall city of Vigil. The heroes traveled via teleport from Drik to Vigil and were able to take a long forgotten gnomish underground road from Vigil to the Black Wizard Tower. The heroes faced a purple worm, a tribe of 10 ettins, and several very dangerous ropers that nearly killed the group. Once at the tower they had set 16 knights free from crows cages while Zafina fascinated a dozen orc guards. Once the knights were free they rearmed themselves and assaulted and killed the orcs. They were lowered into the underground roadway via Drik’s earth elemental which had burrowed an opening from the courtyard of the black tower to the road below. Zafina, utilizing her newfound shapechange abilities, disguised herself as an orc and entered the tower with orders to clean up the prisoner before the high mage arives to take the prisoner away.

Before that could happen, a trap was sprung. The knights, recently freed by the heroes, assaulted muralis and driks and driks companion friends. While that was happening the assassin the heroes were sent to rescue, was released by Zafina only to suddenly try to kill her, the tower guards that Zafina had cleverly averted were suddenly alerted and she was in mortal danger. Then a high black wizard arived on the back of a black dragon, and the heroes realized they were in serious danger. They were hard pressed to find an advantage until Darius and Muralis tag-teamed the high wizard and quickly routed him before he had a chance to start dropping devistating spells on the group. Drik delayed the dragon by cleverly using his earth elemental to soften the ground below the dragon causing it to fall 50’ through the ground onto the knights below, this bought Driks enough time to teleport his friends from the road below, where the 16 hostile knights were now being delayed with the dragon. Darius used his mother’s tabard to ensnare the knights and the dragon in a tangled web of overgrown roots as he enacted the druidic tabard magic. The dragon burst through the earth showering several of the heroes with acid, and the fight was on. Muralis and Darius proceeded to focus on the dragon, and the dragon was focused on Muralis as Muralis had severely hurt the dragon when he smited it with the power of his god. Moments later the tower began to crack and crumble as Drik had refocused the earth elemental to burrow out the foundation of the tower, this caused it to crash through the earth in the direction of the already buried and entangled evil knights. Muralis, further disrupted the knights by breathing a massive blast of fire onto them as they attempted to scrample out of the ruins. The dragon took this opening to nearly disembowel Muralis, but Darius was able to continue his offensive flurry against the dragon. Zafina had managed to keep the black mage tower guards focused on her until Drik’s toppled the tower, and then she finished off the tower guards and captured one of them for questioning. The assassin was eventually hunted down by Darius, and the heroes managed to turn the tide of the assassination attempt on them into victory, albiet a hard pressed victory as they were assaulted on so many sides by a host of evil set against them. It was a satisfying victory for all the heroes. Driks then teleported his friends back to Vigil with the captured assailant, for further questioning.

This again brings the game current. There are magical items that Darius has identified, they will be placed into the vault under the heading: Black Tower Game.

Major Plot Overview To Date

Game: Really wanted to loosely base the start of this campaign based on Harry Potter. Cause, seriously, how fun is that.

At the start of the game, and ever since the start of the game, there have been constant splitting roads, to the point where if notes have not been kept, the players have lost track of important facts. So, it is with regret that I write this update, since I definitely want things to circle around behind my players and bite them in the ass. Frankly.

Game 3 and beyond:

So the children raise the submarine from the bottom of the ocean because after the discovery of the submarine powerful restorative magic’s were used by guild magicians to restore the submarine to working order. Malisthorn and Zafina were paralyzed by the geas scroll associated with the Katana found inside the vault on the submarine. Not surprisingly, this submarine was a gnome courier vessel for the very powerful/influential/rich that could afford to buy such secrecies. The geas required the sword to be returned to the rightful emperor of Tian Za (eastern kingdom). Lady Taraxa deemed that it had to be returned and approved a field trip for the students to take the submarine to Tian Za to return the Katana to the Emperor. During their preparations in Cobblestone they learned that Mayor Cobb has prior dealings with the emperor and he asks them to deliver a letter to the emperor for him. He also provided the group with paperwork that would allow the students to trade freely with Tian Za. The students graciously accepted the help from Cobb and placed the supplies on the submarine.

Tensions and complications: House Ventrassa was given the sword. There was a challenge between House Ventrassa and House Grimaldee over who would complete the task of returning the sword to the emperor. Ventrassa hid the sword deep in the catacombs underneath the school. The students had to fight sehaguin allies of Ventrassa as they approached the swords location, then they had to fight worgs off as they fought the sword free from a giant spider high above them. Only the sword was inside the corpse of a dead human (the sheriff of cobblestone), when they did Izabeau was badly burned by acid that rained down onto her as the sword was acting like a stopper and when she pulled it out of the corpse the acid trap went off. The Grimaldee heroes narrowly escaped with the sword.

Additionally, when they went into Cobblestone to secure provisions for the journey they were assaulted by goblins in the alley. When they called for guard help, the guard helped the goblins! Further indicating not all was as it seemed in the friendly town of Cobblestone.

Finally, the worg tooth was still missing, but the adventurers didn’t have time to solve that particular problem as the issue of Headmaster Malisthorne being paralyzed by the effect of a powerful geas spell took precedence over all others.

Submarine Encounters:
There was a storm at sea which caused the USS Dauntless to crash into another ship. The other ships crew were sensed to be evil, so they were not saved from the storm. They had to landfall several times to resupply the ship with food and water on their journey, but there were two primary encounters one with two large jellyfish which almost killed Enya, luckily her father saved her, an underwater troll and his garden of seaweed shambling mounds which almost killed several players and they took on cargo while they passed through the inner sea, a printing press from “The Grinning Topaz” to the current emperor. Eventually they passed through an outer village before heading across the sea to the mainland of Tian Za. Here they met eastern villagers and their samurai guardians encountering difficulties of their own. Their village was being plagued by a great evil. The Grimaldee students fought back undead hordes and defeated a bone devil. The village name was Yipikiya Village run by Samurai Lord Nakatomi. The students revealed that they had the sword of the dragon emperor and Lord Nakatomi bound by his Samurai oath to protect the true dragon decided to help escort the sword the rest of the way to the Tian Za capitol and into the hands of the true Emperor. Eventually, they did deliver the sword to the rightful Emperor, Emperor Shun. The acting emperor (holder of the title as the sword was lost to the ages until now) was Lord Shinzon a powerful wizard. The sword, in the hands of the emperor restored his dragon blooded heritage and gave him powerful sorcerer abilities, giving him draconic features and spells. As the sword was delivered, a separate group delivered the printing press to the acting emperor and after reading the letter from Cobb, the students were imprisoned and the students realized that Mr. Cobb may not be the nicest man in the town of cobblestone. Suspicions were aroused about his nature.

Tensions and Complications: Delivering the sword crowned a “true” emperor of Tian Za. This created an instant civil war. Several lords who bore witness to the transformation of the true emperor became paladins of high power at the ceremony. Basically the warriors who remained loyal to him were gifted with powers from the sword during the transformation. Darius and Zafina had actually travelled back in time using Chronos’s collar. Darius’s dog is actually a hound archon with an item that lets him time travel. So although Zafina was sick with the paralyzation effect from the geas, she was able to participate in this event because Darius was able to grab her out of time before she read the contract to return the sword and became paralyzed. No one knows that Chronos is a Hound Archon. He is transformed into a loving dog for Darius. Additionally, during the 6 month voyage Enya’s true father was acting as a chaperone with Mrs. Simmons and they became romantically involved. Enya did get to know her father during this time period. Drik began to question his father’s alignment learning that he was supplying the non-true emperor of Tian Za. Additionally, they now began to wonder if the corrupt guard that helped the goblin was tied in any way to Cobb who may or may not have betrayed their mission to the acting Emperor, Emperor Shinzon. It should be noted that Darius was the one to warn the unicorns to help the group back when they were being assaulted by Sehaugin, but he remained hidden in time as he did so.

Note: The group hit 5th level, there was 16 gaming sessions completed by this point, not all minor points covered in this update. As the students hit 5th prior to completing their first season at the school and having gone into smaller games where details of how the school is run, I felt there was no need to tread the waters of additional seasons at the school. Especially since the players had achieved such high levels so quickly. So, I decided to pass a couple years, ret-conned everyone’s age to be exactly the same, since the school always takes students of a particular age only. I added a number of plot incidences over the next couple years that the Grimaldee champions didn’t participate.

But first, the students did successfully complete year 1 of school and the Arch-Morgon colors were changed to Red and White, the Grimaldee House Colors, true to the Potter movie endings. Then each returned to their homes in the real world. See, many of the heroes were hidden on a non-magical world for their own safety. A world where magic was kept from interfering by the genie’s. Genie’s guarded the portals to and from the world, so it is extremely difficult to get magic into this world w/o being let into the world. Only Vincent stayed in the magical realm with the Drik and Darius.

Plot and years that pass:
2 years pass. During these years PC’s take up the characters who play in House Ventrassa. These characters proceed to smash records and run up the banners of Ventrassa changing the Arch-Morgon colors to black and green during the years that the Grimaldee champions are gone. Details on these sessions will not be included in the interest of saving time. Know that they did some epic things to change the house colors and created additional messes for the Grimaldee heroes to clean up upon their return, is all that is important.

Complications: The students can’t return because the genies decide to go to war and since the world they are on is non-magical they have no way to return to their schooling. Each student ends up making their own practices up while they are without connection to their home plane. Drik ends up spending the 2 years helping his father and brother fight in the “unending gnomish guild wars.” Vincent spends time with the Crimson Dawn fighting undead and making friends with a young student named Robin who adventures along with him fighting things that go bump in the night. Darius ends up helping his mother survive after losing the arch-druid position to a blight druid. The ancient elves are fighting among themselves about the direction the Elven kingdom should take to regain former glory and there are disagreements about how to see the Tree of Life expand and grow. The world is flung into chaos during this period as a number of powerful factions are at war.

The Sultan agrees to join the genie war in order to see his son and daughter returned to the magical world of Telara, however Zafina misses the one time opportunity to pass through the portal and only Muralis makes it through. Thus begins year 4 and the fixing of all things Ventrassa around the school.

Ventrassa students have managed to blight the nearby forests, strengthen their ties to the sehaugin, and expand the wretched catacombs. Additionally, they have grown significantly more powerful/influential in the local towns.

Year 4:
The main problem in year 4 is the blight druid order. Darius ends up back at the school because his mother loses her arch-druid title to a member of the Thorn Scar Blight Druid Order. She is mortally wounded and we have to use the phoenix feather that was cultivated in earlier games to restore her health. Since Mrs. Simmons returns to the Sea Elves with Rygar to start a family the school had an opening for a school teacher, Darius’s mother Alerosa, applies for the position. The local area is also affected by the blight. The heroes of Grimaldee soon learn that the Worg tooth had been given to the Thorn Scar as a gift to invite them into the forest areas around the school. They begin their cleansing of the forest by fighting the worgs which have grown in number as well as assaulting smaller sects of the blighter order. The group meets Hobblestump while they are trying to locate the blighter hideouts and he says that his son Wobblestep has gone missing. Enya uses her divine seer ability to essentially locate one of the blighter ritual locations. She sees that they are using Wobblestep in a ritual to corrupt him so that he will work for them. Being used in the ritual is the horns of two unicorns, horns that were given to the blighters from house Ventrassa students as trade for the blighters to set up a home base in the forests around the school. The Grimaldee students rescue Wobblestep in a stunning maneuver involving a pit trap that was set near a stream of flowing lava creating an instant death dealing lava trap that caught the blighters by surprise. As they were making their way out of the cave dwelling they also managed to steal one of the unicorn horns before it was used in the ritual, the other was lost in the lava. Additional blighters closed in from the outside and the group was cut off from a escape when Hobblestump roared through the forest and aided the adventurers in the rescue of his son. With some brave fighting Grimaldee prevailed. Over the course of a few more 8-10 hour shifts of gaming Grimaldee managed to clear the forest and learn of the blighters main cairn. They also learn that a minotaur leads them and has turned a legendary shambling mound into a massive constantly shifting maze. Within the Minotaur organized a number of challenges specific to defeating the adventuring group and he used the shambling mound to ensure the rules of his challenge were followed to the letter. The challenges, if faced by the incorrect team member, would have been devastatingly effective, however the group wisely took a few moments to assess each challenge and place the group member with the best chance of success up against each of the appropriate challenges.

The Blighter Gauntlet:
Zafina faced off against a pan flute playing Satyr in a drinking and singing contest. For anyone else, the charming song of the Satyr would have overcome them, but Zafina countersonged the enchanted flute song. She was stumbling drunk afterwards, but the group passed by the Satyr, earning the ability to call upon him one day if needed.

Vincent faced off against a vampire who had a picture of his father, himself, and his sister. A vampire that was seeking infamy by defeating the famous Belmont name, but he met the whip of demise at the hands of the skilled Vincent. Vincent won that picture back from the corpse of the vampire and he took his fangs as proof to his Crimson Dawn order that he has slain a vampire.

Darius faced off against a druid shape changed into a bear in a bloody test of martial skill, narrowly escaping dying mauled by the druid in bear form, he did win a prize from the druid as well.

Enya faced a druid who demanded her blood for the damage she did to the tree when she used her seer ability. Each time she uses it she dwindles the Tree of Life causing it to shed leaves. Enya would not fight him back as she realized that he was blinded by what was necessary to grow the tree, she taught him to sacrifice of himself for the tree by giving the ultimate sacrifice for her friends, her life. The druid realized he made a mistake the second his blade felled the mighty princess, but the group was allowed to move forward.

Drik faced off against a mighty mechanical bull confiscated by the druids on its way north and placed in the maze as a trap. He used his pit wisely to entrap the charging and stampeding mechanical bull and eventually managed to slay it. Searching the corpse later would reveal a hidden door and an elaborate mechanical key.

Muralis faced off against a young black dragon in a swampy moat. The dragon was cunningly using the water to remain unseen as it struck from below, but eventually he underestimated Muralis and left himself open for a might melee swing and he was smote.

Finally it was Isabeau left to face the minotaur alone in a mighty battle of a druid shape changed into a bird and Isabeau flying to keep pace with it as well as summoning magical daggers to attack from the minotaur’s flanks. At one point she was momentarily thought to have been defeated, and would have been if it weren’t for the courageous actions of her raven familiar which provided her with a healing potion just in the nick of time. The minotaur was defeated.

Darius used his sickle to charge it at the altar of the purified druid grove as the shambler returned to neutral and the good powers of druidic earthen magic’s again took hold and the sickle was charged with radiant druidic magic. He realized he could reincarnate Enya and so he did reincarnate her as a gnome. This came as a shock to Enya as she grew up her whole life as an elf but she was glad to be alive again with her friends. The treants took the heroes to the good druids.

Tensions and complications: Drik learns more of his father’s questionable dealings and is forced to face the realization that his father may have been evil. A fact that he refuses to believe. The tree of life nearly doubled in size with Enya’s sacrifice of her life for her friends, and the druid order near the school realizes what the elves must do to strengthen their connection with the earth mother, but the word must be spread of what happened and that takes time. Wobblestep and Hobblestump are allies of the heroes and the heroes once again earn enough points to change the school colors back to red and white as they clean up the blight around the school and defeat the evil minotaur blight druid and his followers. Conflicts and tensions arise as Muralis gains feelings for Christina (an anti-paladin from Ventrassa), additionally there is a school hearing on how Grimaldee was compensated for the submarine they found in their first season, as it was now being used by Ventrassa to recover whatever was salvageable in the southern city, which was recently destroyed by an ancient red dragon. Additionally, Driks brother is in the game aiding his brother become the merchant king and is re-assigned to the dorm room of the heroes along with Targos and Bargos from the destroyed white wizard tower in the southern city.

Note: Everyone advanced to 6th level after this and “no child left behind act” ends. So does season 4 of school. Season 5 starts immediately as each of the members has no other place to return home to. The house guardian, a earth elemental is slain protecting Driks during the “Never Ending Gnome Merchant Wars” a new house guardian is assigned, a Genie that was under the protection of the Sultan.

After the major “3rd game” to advance the characters to level 6 the group became fractured once again, and I had several people put in a solid number of hours / games between regrouping with the larger crowd. Additionally, there was a split of focus. I had one group go and save the Coven which intertwined with the Elven plot and I had the gnome, Drik, go off through the tundra to seek answers about why his father was shipping siege weapons up north.

Major Plot that happened before this: Drik and his brother and friend Muralis and Enya ended up fighting in North Circle Pine City against a Death knight, a Green Dragon (which summoned a Treant to help it), and then discovering a secret underground railroad that headed under the glacier. They tracked down the railway and blew up a bridge crossing after fighting through several small bands of ogres.

So it was at this time a bunch of major plot twists were occurring on a character by character basis. You had Enya as a gnome trying to convince elves to give via the way of sacrifice to grow the Tree of Life, but she wasn’t Elven making this task hard. You had Vincent getting involved with the Crimson Dawn order heavily at this point in the recovery of important and lost in time artifacts. You have Isabeau pregnant and adventuring to save the Order of the Ebon Rose, her mother’s Coven of goodly witches. You also have Muralis struggling with his Paladin vows and losing his paladin abilities because he fell in love with an anti-paladin from the House Ventrassa. Drik and his brother Alric were disturbed that he had uncovered a large shipment of siege weapons destined seemingly for the Witches of the Northern Tundra under the lead of Baba Yaga, and that Mayor Cobb had something to do with shipping the weapons north. This lead the group to be torn in which direction to take. Additionally, the king of the elves decided to abandon the court into the hands of a steward, leaving the elves with the Red Arrow clan (Military wing) of the elves, seemingly on a whim. The elves requested that all the Elven students from Arch-Morgon be returned to the Elven city at once as decreed by the new steward. In the backdrop you still have several major wars happening between the genies, gnomes merchant infighting, Tian Za to determine the true emperor, Elven infighting, and now the witches seem to be involved in the northern regions close to the school. Chaos… Purely chaos at this time in the game.

Undercurrents: Muralis was lied to by his friends, and he sensed it, for a Paladin at a young age this was disturbing as it came from his best friend and his sister this only pushing him further into the hands of Christina, the anti-paladin. Vincent and his new friend Robin have been out late at night on secretive tasks, drawing some mistrust from the group and this leading Muralis to question how strong his friendship with Vincent really was, especially after members of the group knew Vincent made a deal with Mazkor, the young Ventrassa sorcerer. Isabeau slept with Targos the alchemist from the Ivory Order of Mages during a rave that happened in the students dorm, and Enya was a Elven gnome. Also Driks adventured hard and fast now to determine if his father was evil. He was driven to head northward at all costs, even risking death for himself and those who traveled with him into dangerous lands.

Vincent and Isabeau w/ Indego also went to a secret tomb and recovered a crystal of power from Serenrae that kept 4 unkillable vampire corpses from being revived. Vincent and his crew successfully fought their way through an underground catacomb / tomb being guarded by 4 ice golems, 2 or 3 mummies (can’t remember), and 2 white dragons. Vincent defeated one of the white dragons by wrestling it to a standstill while his friends Robin and Indego stabbed and killed the beast. The crystal and the 4 vampire tombs were moved to the city in a guarded procession of Crimson Dawn knights. Now they are kept hidden in the school by Big Al, the genie house guardian for Grimaldee.

So final catch up notes are that Isabeau traveled to Vigil with Vincent and a new friend Indego, a Megus from the Ivory Order. They landed at an Ivory Tower outside the town of Vigil and from there traveled to Vigil. They healed a group of Ivory Megus while they were at the Ivory Tower in Vigil, this was a great help to the commander at the tower as it saved them from having to hire clerics from Vigil. The captain of the Ivory Order Megus, named Borimir, escorted the heroes to Lastwall. Apparently, they had teleported into a recent battle and even the Lastwall Watch Commander Uther required healing for his men, Isabeau again used her daily hex’s to help heal all of the soldiers, Uther was greatly appreciative. After some conversation with Uther, Uther gave Isabeau a writ that allowed her official capacity to inquire about what happened to the Coven stronghold in Hammerstone. It is also in Lastwall that Vincent discovered, via keen observation, that the Crimson Dawn had an outpost, under the guise of an armor and weapons shop in the town of Lastwall. Here Vincent met Treville, who knew his father and even kept a few of his father’s items. Treville had also sent agent’s who had went to Hammerstone to investigate why the Lastwall knights would make war on a good order of witches. They never returned, and so now Treville sent young Vincent, he could sense his father’s strength in the boy and was worried about his men.

So Isabeau, Indego (who had been appointed by the king of the elves to watch over Isabeau secretly), Vincent, and Robin stayed one night in the town of Lastwall and then ventured forth the following day. They were surprisingly met by Drik, Gorrash, and Enya who were outside the city wall. Robin discovered it the prior night and Vincent was aware that they could not travel into the city because apparently Lastwall forbid anyone associated with The Grinning Topaz to do business in Lastwall, Drik’s fathers merchant guild was seen as evil by Lastwall. More surprising to Vincent and Isabeau was the fact that Enya seemed to be a dark elf of some kind as she was: a. Elven again, b. had dancing flames for eyes, like the king, and c. she used to be a gnome like 1 day ago.

Intro confusing time traveling once again. This time it was from the Ivory wizard Rufus who had loaned them the use of his time machine phone booth (laugh if you dare). Enya and Drik came from 5 weeks in the future to help their friends. So after talking, Enya told Isabeau, her cousin, that their grandfather had passed away and that through a magical transfusion of sorts that she had become an elf again, and also had her grandfathers divine nature within herself, hence the flaming eyes. Whichever royal can hold the throne has these betraying eyes that cannot be hidden, and along with them the power to rule Elven kind. There was a meeting during the night as the girls had “girl talk” and Enya showed Isabeau the book her grandfather gave her which contained some of his intelligence as it was able to speak to them as if from his voice. Isabeau produced the staff which she could summon her mother’s spirit out of, and then the strange became stranger as the staff and the book began to speak to each other. Even more odd was that since the king of the elves was not yet dead in this timeline, he heard his own thoughts and what was being said by Enya to the book.

Other timeline:
The other timeline includes adventuring not only down the tram and facing many ogre’s, but also adventuring on the surface of the tundra. The adventurer’s were Muralis, Enya, Alric, and Drik and Gorrosh. It got a little rough encountering a variety of difficult monsters on the tundra to include white dragons and ice giants. During the fighting, Drik and Muralis did lose their lives and were later resurrected. Enya was transformed into an Elf at the White Tower, and Muralis ended up leaving the school with Christina who had turned into a Paladin of Serenrae after atonement. This timeline would be erased ultimately by events happening in Lastwall.

Lastwall adventurers eventually found Hammerstone and due to the children discussing things with the book the living Elven king was there waiting. He had secured the witch tower ruins and stated to the children that Isabeau’s mother had told him before that she housed powerful artifacts that could do terrible deeds if they were to fall into the wrong hands, as a result the king felt fit to take the red arrow clan there to guard the ruins until all of the hidden artifacts could be recovered. The witches smartly hid them within a large illusionary extra planar maze, since the children knew specifically where to find the one they were after they did find it from the maze and managed to also uncover additional plot. Enya used her prophecy ability to foresee where the staff was and the history of the staff once it had been stolen. Her prophecy showed her that Lord Hammerstone, knight of Lastwall, had taken the staff, ruined the keep with the men under his control, and had delivered the Wolfshead staff to the Elven high lord. This Elven high lord had used mind altering spells to ensnare the knight-lord and get him to do his bidding. Once the heroes knew this they instead decided to go after the Elven high lord of magic that held the staff. They teleported themselves back to the senate building in the Elven city. It is here that they faced the Elven mage and the werewolves that he had already created. The children almost killed some of the werewolves before they realized that these were the children that were ordered by decree to leave the school a couple of weeks earlier. The battle was a hard one, Enya was struck down with death magic, other students fought from near death, and Isabeau used her Ivory Order letter to summon in a protective group of constructs to help defeat the Elven High Lord. These constructs had certain spell-like abilities including Mage Disjunction. When it was cast on the High Lord the staff was broken and all affected by its magic in the form of werewolves were killed. Isabeau was ruined as her young lover Targos was killed when the staff exploded. She remembered that the book Enya held had a powerful crystal hidden within its pages, and she also knew that her staff held the power to grasp such crystals. She combined the two at this time and her mother’s spirit came forth and stated the staff was extremely powerful now and it could be used to resurrect the fallen students, but at the cost of losing the staff forever. Isabeau sacrificed the staff and resurrected her friends, as the serpent along the staff unwound and began biting the students with amazing healing powers, the staff itself began to sink into the ground and it turned into a Tree of Life, a 4th Tree! This expanse in Elven magical power also caused all of the Elven/half-Elven women in the room to become pregnant, this included the newly resurrected Enya. Additionally, Isabeau was gifted with the Elven “All Spark” and her eyes now shared a dancing flame quality similar to Enya. The next couple weeks were used to set the Elven counsel right and appoint a goodly steward, Enya chose her father Rygar and his recent bride Mrs. Simmons to sit as stewards of the throne until Enya/Isabeau is of age to take ruler ship of the elves.

Muralis was being held prisoner by Malakia because he knew that Muralis was in danger if he stayed on the tundra, this is the event that saves him and the gnome from certain death, but also prevents Muralis living happily ever after with Christina. Now Christina had gone chaotic and vowed never to work for the gods as a paladin ever again, She was caught in Azmodeus’s trickery and committed evil actions of her own free will which prevented Serenrae from being able to forgive her past evil actions. As she was not yet ready to commit, Serenrae showed Muralis her actions in a vision and took the lust from his mind. As Serenrae knew his commitment was to her, due to how he had handled himself throughout the temptation challenge that the gods created for him, she was allowed by the other gods to gift him with the 1/2 gold dragon template. He has become the tip of Serenrae’s spear now, he is a menacing creature of good against all evil. A truly powerful and inspiring paladin warrior. Christina has left the school alone to seek her own path, only time will tell how her story ends.

After this had happened the gnome resumed his foray into the northern lands with the help of Muralis singularly. They fought through another round of giants, dragons, and remoraz. They reached the dwarven city and there Drik found more of his father’s holdings. Ironforge held a safe with several hundred thousand gold as well as another mechanical key. He also discovered he had a store in Ironforge located in Gnomeragon alley. He met and fell in love with Thunderella, a gnome wizard that was running his shop in Gnomeragon alley. He journeyed from Ironforge to Gnomeragon to locate and defeat whatever evil was plaguing the gnomes there. All of the refugee’s in Ironforge told him that there was an incurable plague preventing the good gnomes from retaking Gnomeragon. Armed with this information he went to locate the source of the plague, before he left he did get lucky with Thunderella, will not elaborate on gnome McLovin. While he was investigating an air vent shaft, too small for Muralis to accompany him, he faced a great evil taint within water below the duct that was being heated and the noxious vapors were poisoning the very air of the city of Gnomeragon. He eventually tried to get closer, as gnomes are often too curious for their own good, he was plunged into the foul liquid and found himself being grappled by something all-together way stronger and larger than himself. He was soon overpowered and forced to breath the noxious gas. He became infected and soon turned green like the other gnomes. He was then taken before a great demon who was being entrapped by mechanical bonding. The demon recognized him as the heir to the Casey merchant guild. He checked the gnomes items and found 2 keys. He used the mechanical keys to unlock his bindings and he then began to peal the flesh off of Drik’s bones. Eventually Drik passed out from the pain, and when he awoke he was nothing but a living construct, the demon also turned all of the other gnomes in Gnomeragon into constructs. It did cure their disease, but in an awful way. Now they were robots. Muralis was shocked at the discovery, as were the rest of Drik’s friends. Drik soon realized that his father made a deal with the demon to undo his bonds if he would cure the gnomes, the demon delivered his promise, but in a very sadistic fashion.

Drik and Muralis would then travel back to the school. They had already gone over the tundra once saving R&R fur traders and guiding them safely to Ironforge, Drik formed a trade alliance with them to sell their goods in his stores once they were safely transported South. Over the tundra back to the school, Drik and Muralis fought a large and very powerful white dragon with Frost Giant allies who held Remoraz for pets. They fought the dragon in the sky down to the ground, fought him through his giant cleric healers and eventually downed the dragon. Once down Drik wanted to search for the horde, he figured it had to be nearby. They went into a glacial crack and soon found themselves slipping into the dragons trap. The hole they snuck threw was soon guarded by the revived dragon, his giant clerics managed to find and heal him, and under the ice above they started to fall into a variety of falling glacial ice stalactites. They fought their way valiantly to the cave entrance where they were met by remoraz and giants. They fought with grit through the outer guards to the dragon den within, they eventually fought both giants and dragon in a massive fight that would leave them both barely alive, and staring at a very large treasure, which they collected and brought back to the school.

Once back at the school, Enya was there to help Drik’s so after doing much studying, Drik decided to head back north to locate whatever was plaguing the gnome empire. So Enya, Drik, and Muralis headed back over the tundra. This time they saw R&R fur traders leading a group of about 100 people in a caravan over the tundra. They didn’t notice that a tribe of Frost Giants was setting up an ambush from both sides of the wagon train. Muralis and Drik both fly so they noticed the dragons from above. Swooping down, this would be one of the deadliest fights the heroes have undergone, there were 20 giants, 30 ogres, and at least a dozen worgs. With Enya backing up Muralis and Drik picking off giants at range and delaying many giants with pit traps, they managed to cleverly defeat the giants and save 83 of the 100 people traveling north with the R&R Fur Traders. The heroes would decide to stay with the caravan the rest of the way to Ironforge, but this would expose the future queen of the elves for an assassination attempt, as she was only guarded by her low level friends.

5 assassins would jump the wagon Enya was in and she would be struck by 2 devastating blows from poison tipped short swords at the hand of skilled drow assassins. She would narrowly dodge two other such attacks and grit through the extremely skilled dagger thrusts of the assassins. Drik would keenly spot one of the drow under the wagon and quickly order Gorrash to grab the assassin and pin it. Muralis would land down next to Enya after she cried out for help and help her fend off the onslaught of stealthy strikes that would come in the following seconds. The battle was quick, only seconds went by as arrows and blades flashed through clouds of darkness laid down as cover by the skillful drow, Enya would become paralyzed and nearly suffer the fate of a coup de grace. However, it was the drows own darkness that would prevent this maneuver. She would use her levitate ability to move herself up in the darkness to force the assassin to relocate her. During this time her friends would kill the drow keeping the darkness spell in effect, this would prevent the other assassin from hiding and Drik and Gorrash would pounce him and kill him before he could deal the final blow. Enya was left poisoned, nearly dead from blood loss, and paralyzed, but she was alive and that’s all that mattered.

After this attack she would contact her father the steward and he would send out two bodyguards for her, ‘V’ and ‘Francis’ these were highly skilled observer type guards, Inquisitors and they were very keen at hunting assassins. Additionally the same order sent Mr. T and Chuck Norris, two other Inquisitors to guard Isabeau the other heir to the throne of the elves.

Drik and Enya would fly off the rest of the journey to Ironforge and Enya would stay in the relatively safe mansion that Drik’s has in Gnomeragon Alley in the dwarven city of Ironforge, and Muralis would help the caravan make the rest of the journey to Ironforge.

Drik’s plans were stopped short as he and the other heroes would be summoned back to the school to partake in the house cup competition. This was to determine which team would be sent to the world cup. The world cup was a mercenary school competition that was held each year to set the entrance price into the school. The top school earned the right to earn the top dollar for student tuition. Each successive finisher would earn slightly less rights to charge high tuition. So it was important that Arch-Morgon won this world cup, as it has never lost.

The heroes went about determining how to defeat the other two houses, but learned through their investigations that the other two houses did not intend to fight against them. The neutral house wanted to remain anonymous and felt that the Grimaldee heroes would have an advantage fighting demons because of their different skills with undead and demons. They offered to assist by clearing traps and keeping ghosts within the haunted mansion away. Vincent had already made a deal with Ventrassa to ensure that Ventrassa wouldn’t try to win house colors for at least 2 years after Vincent graduates, and Ventrassa intended to honor that agreement because of all of the items that they gained by being able to take the submarine on the Ivory tower recovery of lost items mission. An Ivory tower was destroyed in the southern city when a dragon fought the paladin lord who lived there. The paladin was one of the true emperor’s original loyal guards, and the southern city was also oriental in style as refugees from Tian Za were relocated there. Anyways, after the tower was destroyed, the Ivory order hired Arch-Morgon to recover anything of value from the wreckage, Grimaldee agreed to allow Ventrassa to go on the mission and utilize the submarine for the recovery of these items. So this agreement is what allowed Vincent to ensure victory at the house cup competition. Regardless, the Grimaldee team defeated 11 major demons in an awesome display of skill and it ended up being a simple task for the Grimaldee heroes.

This is the short version of about 25 games in total, but will allow me to post detailed entries on a weekly basis going forward. I will also probably post some discussion about a few of the more interesting games and plot twists that are either happening or have happened, just because this quick overview doesn’t do those games / plot items justice.

Thank you for reading. Happy trails.

GM thoughts and goals

Since the successful launch of the Pathfinder “Legacy” campaign much has happened. In this post I hope I can provide some insight into my thoughts about pathfinder and specifically this game. I also just put down some general thoughts as well.

Background: As a player and GM I have about 20 years of RP’ing experience, I’ve read hundreds of fantasy novels and I’ve played in D&D from original through the current versions, and of course pathfinder. In this genre, there is little that I haven’t experienced and also there aren’t many classes that I haven’t explored. I’m excited to GM a new campaign for my friends, and I hope to make it a fun experience for all who play.

Goal: I believe campaigns should have a goal. I see no advantage to GM’ing these characters past level 20, first because I want to keep within the existing pathfinder rules and second because it becomes exceedingly difficult to challenge high level characters beyond 20. Mainly though, the reason I want to end this campaign at 20 is because I would like to make this game generational. The one thing that I haven’t really had the pleasure of doing in a RP setting is to play the sons/daughters, grandsons/grandaughters of existing 1st round heroes. So the campaign goal is to flesh out the world for future generations of characters. This means that the characters will meet definite and meaningful endings or become NPC’s at 20th level, should they survive to the end.

My thoughts on creating a vibrant and interactive world:
So, one may notice that many of the NPCs have pictures or names that spring an instant image of a TV or movie character. This is fully intentional on my part. I may take some criticism for this, but it has a reason. When I say an NPCs name, I want an instant image and even attitude to be triggered in the players head. I want to be able to play all the great mind tricks that go along with auto-association. For example, commander bond. Everyone immediately pictures their memories of James Bond and all the badassery associated with that character. I really don’t need to spend the next 10 minutes explaining what the characters moods and feelings are, and if I choose, at that moment, I can have him plotting a hidden agenda because 95% of the time I can predict what the player is thinking about the NPC, and so I can get away with much more plot misdirection. I feel, strongly, that tension between players and between NPCs is what creates excitement. It’s difficult to maintain a high level of plot tension if you are constantly explaining who people are. So many of the NPCs will be based on highly recognizable characters in modern cinema or other popular media. Another great example, one that we used in game, is if I say the cleric of caiden calian (spelling) looks like John Candy, the whole room giggles. I don’t even have to say what he is doing and the mood is already lightened, and the fact that he worships a god who became a god while he was drunk further enhances comic element of the character name. At the same time, even if a player was half listening to my description, I can 95% gaurantee that every PC will remember who the cleric of caiden calian is without ever repeating it again a single time. So this is intentional and is fully a function of my style of GM’ing and will be hallmark for this campaing world.

My thoughts on game progress:
I’ve had a dud or two games. It sucks. I hate when challenges are so easy the group burns through it. I would rather have frustrated PC’s than bored PC’s. I’ve had a few nights where I was disappointed with the outcome of the game, I’ve written myself a do-better-letter on each occasion. I find that having sometimes 7-8 players is a difficult situation to GM. I think I may have to change a few things on my approach to larger group sessions.

On a positive note, there have been at least a dozen very strong sessions which inspired characters on to further action for themselves. I’m all about characters getting ideas and running with them. The more they want to do, the better I feel about the job I’ve done as a GM. If someone grows stagnant, it implies that I haven’t developed a good enough story for them, and this has happened here and there at points. Again, usually in larger group sessions where it becomes difficult to focus in on a particular player. Still, the high points and low points of this campaign have been a step above my average campaigns, and that is how you know you have something good.

Group Levels:
I have 3-4 players who have played in over 25 gaming sessions, and I have 3-4 players who have played in 7-10 gaming sessions. I’ve solved the level disparity by instituting the “no child left behind act” which allows players behind to level their character to whatever the highest level character in the group is. However, I stopped this at level 6. I feel that 6th level characters will most likely survive encounters, even if they can’t be as helpful as the 10th level guys we have that have attended every game. I think it’s also fair that the guys who put in relentless amounts of game time, cause each session has been 10-12 hours during recent sessions, deserve to feel rewarded for their efforts, I think all my PC’s would agree that this is fine. I’ve made arrangements to game with individuals interested in catching themselves up to the forward few. This is how I will handle progression for characters going forward beyond 6th level, so that people don’t get robbed of their “I feel I earned my stripes” experience, which I always enjoy as a player, I never enjoy taking levels for free, I mean it feels good at the time, but then at the end of the character you look back and go… I haven’t really done this. I really want people to feel they’ve earned their stripes. I had an unwritten rule about leveling every 3 gaming sessions, which still pretty much holds true, but now it’s just based off the slow experience progress table. Still, some people just play a ton more than others and have leveled as a result. I’m not disappointed with that at all. It just creates additional challenges in large group settings.

Pathfinder Opportunities:
Fresh new maps, tons of things to discover, and I love how they leave things vaguish. You can fill in the blanks however you want. I’ve chosen to set the history of my world based off of a great 8 year campaign that we ran in regular D&D and my memories of that game, and then I’ve added a few story twists based off of the history of the existing PC’s. So, basically what this means is that I have an idea of the political structure, albiet a loose one, and I have some guiding plotlines that help me answer the PC’s questions about where they are going as they discover things about their own personal demons. After that, I just care about providing a high level of adventure. This adventure that I like my players to experience is mostly uninterfered with by the gods. The plot has had some fantastic twists which I will elaborate on in further posts.

Focusing here on Pathfinder as a setting, one of my PC’s (Bryan) is a fabulous reference for the GM, I love having a gamer who is a bookworm and knows the setting and has read pretty much all of the materials released, I definately appreciate being able to shoot out a direct question and get a “Pathfinder Sage” response. Really, my assistant GM for this campaign. It’s great, I then take that “Sage Info” and I form a GM thought on how I want to treat that in the instance the information is being used. So, personal thanks to Bryan for helping me with the finer details of the world. It’s just awesome.

Second, player interest. Personal thanks to Nick for setting up this portal site. Great GM help here to make all the information public and provide a FAQ for our campaign, maybe for the year or two to come while I will continue to run this campaign. It’s already a pretty nice reference for NPCS, shared loot, and character description. I’ll be adding story element to that list here shortly so that we have a kept history of this campaign and knowledge of how our world has changed as it revolves around our PC’s.

3rd, player dedication. All the players who make time to play in the game. Obviously, you make the magic happen, and I’m very thankful you come to play when you can. It’s great, I’ll try to do the best I can GM’ing.

Final thoughts:
This is just something new. Most of my players have epic achievements in 3.5 and this is just a new chapter in their RP’ing careers and I hope it will be something that can be looked back upon fondly when we’re finished. Storyline will be added here and then going forward.

Original Starting Session Game Notes

Game 1 and 2 summary
1. Belmont passes away leaving items to his daughter which take her to a different world, and a chest to his son doing the same.

2. The sultan uses pacts he has with the elementals to gain him safe passage back to the world he is from so that his children can attend Arch-Morgon. A water elemental, perhaps the mother of his children is seen as they he leaves them near the gate of the school.
Isabeau meets Darius, Muralis, and Zafina in a caravan leading to The Arch-Morgon, a school dedicated to the molding of mercenaries. Each has a pass-key which gains them admittance.

3. The children are grouped in the same dormitory, entrance gained through the chapel stained glass window within the chapel in house Grimaldee. House Ventrassa, and Balinothstra are in competition with house Grimaldee. Their house colors are red and white and they have a magical boat which they can traverse the magical internal waterways of the school for transportation around the surrounding area’s which are connected by aqua ducts and other waterways. The children are awoken each morning to the sound of seals barking, the seals do not stop barking until they are fed by the children, thus ensuring they are awake for class on time. The dorm has a magical kitchen and running water. Not much else has yet been explored. The students have discovered that they may teleport via soot from the magical fireplaces around the school to locations that contain a smokestack.
The house headmasters are Terraxa (silver 1/2 dragon), Beenthor (very old wizard), Samrosa (knight). House Grimaldee, Ventrassa, and Balinothstra respectively.

4. The children have accrued 2 total points by gaining 5 for retrieving a tooth from a saved worg, losing 2 points for entering the alchemy lab through the fireplace, losing 1 point for Zafina destroying an alchemy set, gaining 5 points from Izabeau crafting a graduate level potion of water breathing, and losing 5 points for Izabeau missing the quittage tryouts. Total is +2 points to date.

5. Sinolax is a Grimaldee higher level druid student who can shapechange to sneak in and out of the school and begins working with the new students to retrieve certain unattainable items for the students including an alchemy lab, journals from older students within the house.

6. Brandon is the student who helps Zafina contact Sinolax, handsome 2nd year student. Not much else is known. Other than why does he know Sinolax? What is he sneaking in and out of the school?

7. Blingo is a gnome alchemist who is in his 3rd year of school and is showing graduate level capabilities at potion making. He has been in contact with the new students on several occasions and helpedd Izabeau craft the water breathing potion in Snape’s lab.

8. Chalandra is a willow-wisp librarian.

9. Lake Shasa is where the children learned about goblin dog dander, underwater exploration /conch shell diving, and discovered a crashed gnomish submarine which was later explored using the water breathing potion and several items were gained. A gem encrusted sabre, a ruby in the shape of a rose, a contract that is magically binding, and an ancient samurai sword which Zafina is geased to deliver, although the contract has not yet been fully read. A sahaguin named Groggaz was used via charm spell to have sharks come as mounts and escort the children to the submarine, later the spell wore off and Groggaz was slain by a unicorn who also banished all of the sharks and managed to save the children from the blood frenzied sharks that had already savagely bitten 2 of the children. The unicorn sensed that one of it’s hairs had fallen into evil’s hands and went to reclaim it’s lost hair. Izabeau saved this strand of hair from a lock of unicorn hair that she delivered to professor snape. She delivered the hair to professor snape for Hagred the animal tender because Hagred owed him for not completing the alchemy list of supplies 3 days earlier. Hagred repaid Snape by providing more rare alchemical supplies, in this particular case, a lock of unicorn hair. Izabeau gave the hair to the Sahaguin for safe passage and in a round about way this became the reason they were saved by the Unicorn later in the adventure.

- The children also gained much knowledge about the lake, surrounding woods, and a local cave where they located a map key from this secretive guild which ferried valuables for rich people to and from safe locations. This guild is legendary for being the most safe way to transport items of high value. They are known as The Grizbee Clan. Gnomish banking guild.

- previously the adventurers had delivered a tooth from a winter wolf that has some other form of lycanthropy which allows him to transform bitten animals into worgs. This tooth was removed from a wold that was bitten and transformed into a worg. The worg is with Hagred now and is named Raja. The tooth was delivered to Headmaster Malisthorne.
Other named player contacts include a priest who runs the chapel named Bobroy (John Candy and cleric of Caiden Calian), Ms. Simon (aquatic elf swimming instructor), Mrs. Klugenstein (Izabeau’s Nanny), Sultan Sahed (Muralis and Zafina’s father), Sahaguin Groggaz body on ice currently in childrens magical transportation boat, Unicorn (unknown), Samantha (Balinothstra Student), goblin barge captain (Captain Bart – aquatic goblin), goblin barge mechanic (Grimes), alchemy professor Snape, Ventrassa wizard student Mazkor and his friend the orc named Gazzoth, Hagred the animal tending druid, and Heamaster Malisthorne (powerful elven wizard). Izabeau has learned the story of Zildamorte the witch who used clever cauldren hexes to escape death by hanging, drowning, and fire before the towns people knew she was performing these rituals at night in her jail cell. The cauldron was removed and the legends states that she was slain the very next day, perhaps suggesting that witches shouldn’t stray to far from their cauldrons.

Code for paladins, order of the sun, found in the library:
Paladin Code
“Never violate a woman, nor harm a child. Do not lie, cheat or steal. These are things for lesser men. Protect the weak against the evil strong. And never allow thoughts of gain lead you into the pursuit of evil. Never back away from an enemy. Either fight or surrender. It is not enough to say I will not be evil. Evil must be fought wherever it is found.”

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