Pathfinder - Legacy

Original Starting Session Game Notes

Game 1 and 2 summary
1. Belmont passes away leaving items to his daughter which take her to a different world, and a chest to his son doing the same.

2. The sultan uses pacts he has with the elementals to gain him safe passage back to the world he is from so that his children can attend Arch-Morgon. A water elemental, perhaps the mother of his children is seen as they he leaves them near the gate of the school.
Isabeau meets Darius, Muralis, and Zafina in a caravan leading to The Arch-Morgon, a school dedicated to the molding of mercenaries. Each has a pass-key which gains them admittance.

3. The children are grouped in the same dormitory, entrance gained through the chapel stained glass window within the chapel in house Grimaldee. House Ventrassa, and Balinothstra are in competition with house Grimaldee. Their house colors are red and white and they have a magical boat which they can traverse the magical internal waterways of the school for transportation around the surrounding area’s which are connected by aqua ducts and other waterways. The children are awoken each morning to the sound of seals barking, the seals do not stop barking until they are fed by the children, thus ensuring they are awake for class on time. The dorm has a magical kitchen and running water. Not much else has yet been explored. The students have discovered that they may teleport via soot from the magical fireplaces around the school to locations that contain a smokestack.
The house headmasters are Terraxa (silver 1/2 dragon), Beenthor (very old wizard), Samrosa (knight). House Grimaldee, Ventrassa, and Balinothstra respectively.

4. The children have accrued 2 total points by gaining 5 for retrieving a tooth from a saved worg, losing 2 points for entering the alchemy lab through the fireplace, losing 1 point for Zafina destroying an alchemy set, gaining 5 points from Izabeau crafting a graduate level potion of water breathing, and losing 5 points for Izabeau missing the quittage tryouts. Total is +2 points to date.

5. Sinolax is a Grimaldee higher level druid student who can shapechange to sneak in and out of the school and begins working with the new students to retrieve certain unattainable items for the students including an alchemy lab, journals from older students within the house.

6. Brandon is the student who helps Zafina contact Sinolax, handsome 2nd year student. Not much else is known. Other than why does he know Sinolax? What is he sneaking in and out of the school?

7. Blingo is a gnome alchemist who is in his 3rd year of school and is showing graduate level capabilities at potion making. He has been in contact with the new students on several occasions and helpedd Izabeau craft the water breathing potion in Snape’s lab.

8. Chalandra is a willow-wisp librarian.

9. Lake Shasa is where the children learned about goblin dog dander, underwater exploration /conch shell diving, and discovered a crashed gnomish submarine which was later explored using the water breathing potion and several items were gained. A gem encrusted sabre, a ruby in the shape of a rose, a contract that is magically binding, and an ancient samurai sword which Zafina is geased to deliver, although the contract has not yet been fully read. A sahaguin named Groggaz was used via charm spell to have sharks come as mounts and escort the children to the submarine, later the spell wore off and Groggaz was slain by a unicorn who also banished all of the sharks and managed to save the children from the blood frenzied sharks that had already savagely bitten 2 of the children. The unicorn sensed that one of it’s hairs had fallen into evil’s hands and went to reclaim it’s lost hair. Izabeau saved this strand of hair from a lock of unicorn hair that she delivered to professor snape. She delivered the hair to professor snape for Hagred the animal tender because Hagred owed him for not completing the alchemy list of supplies 3 days earlier. Hagred repaid Snape by providing more rare alchemical supplies, in this particular case, a lock of unicorn hair. Izabeau gave the hair to the Sahaguin for safe passage and in a round about way this became the reason they were saved by the Unicorn later in the adventure.

- The children also gained much knowledge about the lake, surrounding woods, and a local cave where they located a map key from this secretive guild which ferried valuables for rich people to and from safe locations. This guild is legendary for being the most safe way to transport items of high value. They are known as The Grizbee Clan. Gnomish banking guild.

- previously the adventurers had delivered a tooth from a winter wolf that has some other form of lycanthropy which allows him to transform bitten animals into worgs. This tooth was removed from a wold that was bitten and transformed into a worg. The worg is with Hagred now and is named Raja. The tooth was delivered to Headmaster Malisthorne.
Other named player contacts include a priest who runs the chapel named Bobroy (John Candy and cleric of Caiden Calian), Ms. Simon (aquatic elf swimming instructor), Mrs. Klugenstein (Izabeau’s Nanny), Sultan Sahed (Muralis and Zafina’s father), Sahaguin Groggaz body on ice currently in childrens magical transportation boat, Unicorn (unknown), Samantha (Balinothstra Student), goblin barge captain (Captain Bart – aquatic goblin), goblin barge mechanic (Grimes), alchemy professor Snape, Ventrassa wizard student Mazkor and his friend the orc named Gazzoth, Hagred the animal tending druid, and Heamaster Malisthorne (powerful elven wizard). Izabeau has learned the story of Zildamorte the witch who used clever cauldren hexes to escape death by hanging, drowning, and fire before the towns people knew she was performing these rituals at night in her jail cell. The cauldron was removed and the legends states that she was slain the very next day, perhaps suggesting that witches shouldn’t stray to far from their cauldrons.

Code for paladins, order of the sun, found in the library:
Paladin Code
“Never violate a woman, nor harm a child. Do not lie, cheat or steal. These are things for lesser men. Protect the weak against the evil strong. And never allow thoughts of gain lead you into the pursuit of evil. Never back away from an enemy. Either fight or surrender. It is not enough to say I will not be evil. Evil must be fought wherever it is found.”



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