Pathfinder - Legacy

quick update

A couple of gaming sessions have taken place.

First, Drik/Muralis/Vincent and Malisthorne grouped up to confront the evil genie “Big Al.” Al turned out to be an efreeti and he summoned a couple very powerful Marilith demons to his aid. The heroes with the aid of Malisthorne were able to defeat the efreeti genie lord and his marilith demon servants through the use of powerful magic tied to the castle at the command of Malisthorne (School Headmaster), and the g-unit managed to pit trap one of the demons while Vincent and Muralis smited/whipped them into defeat. Malisthorne’s Phoenix was there to provide some healing aid as well.

Then later in the day, Muralis was scouting the orc horde that has gathered outside the school. While he was out flying around alone he was assaulted and killed by a powerful red dragon of unknown origin. Later, Isabeau would quest to the head of Muralis’s paladin order, a temple of Serenrae located in a city along the inner-sea area on the southern edge, Qadiran empire and the city of Katheer.

After Muralis was ressurected from the dead, Isabeau and Muralis faced the dragon once more with the help of Isabeau’s man, the alchemist. With the added help of his friends Muralis defeated the red dragon and returne dto the Qadiran temple to show proof of his triumph. This gained him access to his order and he finally became a member. He was awarded the Northern Paladin blade for his efforts, a true holy avenger.

This concludes the most recent actions in the game to date.



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