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Zafina goes to Hell

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After the Grimaldee heroes won the house cup and it was announced that they would be representing Arch-Morgon at the World Cup event, Zafina was informed by Big Al that her father was dead. He also informed her that she (and her brother) were obligated to fulfill her father’s life debt to Big Al.

Zafina researched the plane of water with her friend Vincent and her brother and determined that Ventrassa was involved, specifically Mazkor (Ventrassa Sorcerer) was involved with the genie war and that he had a map of the plane of water. Zafina bartered for the map and her and her friends went to the plane of water where they were met by Zafina’s mother. Her mother was the queen of the Marid Genie, Shahzadas Martie Typhonis. In discussion with the queen, Zafina learned that her father’s eternal resting place was in the tomb of the ancients Shahzadas, a place of honor and peace guarded by the Marid genie. He was considered a genie lord, the first non-genie, genie lord. Zafina and Muralis said their final goodbye’s.

Researching the plane of water introduced Dr. Malcolm McDowell, professor of cartogrophy and geography.

Zafina learned that her mother had kept her distance from her children so that her children would not be involved in the genie struggle for power and so that her children would not be used to harm her, or they themselves become harmed as a result of this power struggle. Zafina learned that her mother had hidden her son and daughter, with the exception of a powerful locket which other genie lords sought after to control the Shahzadas and get her to bend her will to their desires. Martie told Zafina that her father had died resecuring the locket which could be used to control her via threatening her children’s very lives. The locket held true-name magic power over Zafina and Muralis. She learned that her father had been successful at rescuing the locket from evil fire genie’s who had intended to use the locket agains the Marid genie. Martie gave her daughter only a cryptic hint at where the locket was kept. She knew that she was being observed by her enemies even as she spoke the clue and only hoped that her daughter would determine the meaning before her enemies.

Zafina and her brother Muralis did take the hint and it’s meaning. Muralis listened to the part where his mother said that their father hired someone to hide the locket. Muralis knew that meant that her father hired someone at the mercenary order, but the question was, who? Zafina immediately jumped to Darius’s mother, the druid who worked at the school as an instructor now. Zafina went to speak with Darius’s mother and learned that there was another professor at the school who also travelled with the Sultan, it was the evil lich professor Soth. Zafina knew at this point Muralis would have to be distracted because he could never deal with evil such as Soth. So she conspired with Vincent to keep Muralis busy in other ways, like learning how to destroy the locket. So Vincent and Muralis, still seemingly helping Zafina on her quest went their separate ways. Zafina was alone now.

Zafina met with Soth, Vincent accompanied her, but was left out of the conversation by powerful warding magics that prevented others from seeing Soth’s conversations. Zafina learned that Soth was behind helping her father secretly hide the locket. She learned that Soth himself sent Ventrassa students to procure and hide the locket at the paying request of the Sultan. Most disturbingly, Soth informed her that Mazkor had been instructed to hide the locket in Hell. Soth rather wittingly told Zafina, ‘I don’t know where in the hell he hid the locket,’ laughing to himself.

At this point Zafina sought out Mazkor privately, and prepared for a journey into hell. Mazkor and Zafina fought demons, fought through a portal, and then fought several demons on their search of the Abyss for Zafina’s locket. In the end they discovered that a very powerful Bebilith had the locket. Zafina and Mazkor stalked the Bebilith back to her lair and once their Zafina would try using her bard ability to fascinate the Bebilith as well as put the Bebilith to sleep.

Zafina located two tortured souls in the Bebilith’s room and realized one of the souls was her fathers, trapped in the Abyss. Additionally, the Bebilith only bluffed that Zafina’s fascination and sleep attempt was successful. When she tried to move close to the Bebilith to secure the locket from around the Bebilith’s neck, she was grabbed into a slithering, writhing mass of demon flesh as the demon proceeded to molest and rape her. She was fooled, The sudden shock of it all, as well as the demon constricting her into unconsciousness, she awoke being raped in front of her father, his soul being put into the ultimate torment for a father, as he was forced to watch his daughter be raped right in front of him, while he was helpless to do nothing.

Zafina awoke to this horror. She noticed that Mazkor was captured and stripped naked, he was placed on the torture rack next to her father and Mazkor was also tortured, but was forced to watch Zafina endure the demon’s rape and torture. Zafina kept her wits through the pain of the attack and the brutality of the rape and repeated healing and raping. She used her insight of the demon to seek more sadistic pleasure to trick it into giving her a few rounds of freedom. She told the demon that she knew of a way that she could exact revenge on her mother, since this was the chief goal of the demon, she hated Martie, the genie queen, with a passion. The demon had Zafina in a position where she felt Zafina could do nothing to harm her so she released Zafina. Zafina went to Mazkor to check his condition. While she was there, Mazkor whispered to her that she must read the back of the locket, only then could she have a slim chance of success against the Bebilith. Zafina did not understand, but Mazkor having been instructed by Soth, understood the locket’s magic perfectly, Zafina did not know this. She knew that Soth constructed the locket for her father and mother, but she did not know that Soth had trusted Mazkor with the secret’s of the locket.

Zafina armed with this information asked the demon to see the locket, and look upon her brother one last time before the demon finished with her. The demon was pleased at the opportunity to move so close to Zafina upon request one more time. So elated that she didn’t see the trap in it. Zafina carefully pealed the picture out of the locket and read the inscription upon the back of the locket. Instantly she was transformed into a Marid genie princess, The demon quickly realized the trap, but Zafina’s body was as if water and her slithering tail could no longer squeeze her as before. Mazkor seeing the transformation quickly yelled, ‘GRANT MY WISH!’ Zafina replied, ‘ok.’ Suddenly the demon was trapped in a sphere of magical force, unable to escape the power of a granted genie wish. Zafina didn’t even fully understand what she had just done, but quickly helped Mazkor and her father’s tortured spirit escape their bonds. She quickly thought of the plane of water and instantly transported herself and her friends/family to the queens greeting chamber. Zafina was now a genie, with all the powers of her mother, and future capabilities yet to unlock in time. She couldn’t fully comprehend the magic that had transformed her.

Her father’s spirit thanked her for her sacrifice to save his soul, and Zafina did manage to grab the Bebilith’s treasure horde as well, which she split with Mazkor. She would later leave the genie realm and regroup with her friends on a mission. This time she was with Drik, Muralis, and Darius.

The mission was to rescue an Arch-Morgon spy. The spy was being held in a black wizard tower north of the lastwall city of Vigil. The heroes traveled via teleport from Drik to Vigil and were able to take a long forgotten gnomish underground road from Vigil to the Black Wizard Tower. The heroes faced a purple worm, a tribe of 10 ettins, and several very dangerous ropers that nearly killed the group. Once at the tower they had set 16 knights free from crows cages while Zafina fascinated a dozen orc guards. Once the knights were free they rearmed themselves and assaulted and killed the orcs. They were lowered into the underground roadway via Drik’s earth elemental which had burrowed an opening from the courtyard of the black tower to the road below. Zafina, utilizing her newfound shapechange abilities, disguised herself as an orc and entered the tower with orders to clean up the prisoner before the high mage arives to take the prisoner away.

Before that could happen, a trap was sprung. The knights, recently freed by the heroes, assaulted muralis and driks and driks companion friends. While that was happening the assassin the heroes were sent to rescue, was released by Zafina only to suddenly try to kill her, the tower guards that Zafina had cleverly averted were suddenly alerted and she was in mortal danger. Then a high black wizard arived on the back of a black dragon, and the heroes realized they were in serious danger. They were hard pressed to find an advantage until Darius and Muralis tag-teamed the high wizard and quickly routed him before he had a chance to start dropping devistating spells on the group. Drik delayed the dragon by cleverly using his earth elemental to soften the ground below the dragon causing it to fall 50’ through the ground onto the knights below, this bought Driks enough time to teleport his friends from the road below, where the 16 hostile knights were now being delayed with the dragon. Darius used his mother’s tabard to ensnare the knights and the dragon in a tangled web of overgrown roots as he enacted the druidic tabard magic. The dragon burst through the earth showering several of the heroes with acid, and the fight was on. Muralis and Darius proceeded to focus on the dragon, and the dragon was focused on Muralis as Muralis had severely hurt the dragon when he smited it with the power of his god. Moments later the tower began to crack and crumble as Drik had refocused the earth elemental to burrow out the foundation of the tower, this caused it to crash through the earth in the direction of the already buried and entangled evil knights. Muralis, further disrupted the knights by breathing a massive blast of fire onto them as they attempted to scrample out of the ruins. The dragon took this opening to nearly disembowel Muralis, but Darius was able to continue his offensive flurry against the dragon. Zafina had managed to keep the black mage tower guards focused on her until Drik’s toppled the tower, and then she finished off the tower guards and captured one of them for questioning. The assassin was eventually hunted down by Darius, and the heroes managed to turn the tide of the assassination attempt on them into victory, albiet a hard pressed victory as they were assaulted on so many sides by a host of evil set against them. It was a satisfying victory for all the heroes. Driks then teleported his friends back to Vigil with the captured assailant, for further questioning.

This again brings the game current. There are magical items that Darius has identified, they will be placed into the vault under the heading: Black Tower Game.



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