Simon Belmont

Legendary Vampire Slayer, Father of Vincent & Isabeau


The Son of Richter Belmont he was raised by a well known undead hunter. The Family has always had a lineage to fighting the undead and one son has always had a knack for learning the near impossible family weapon. The Chain Whip that has been handed down for generations.

However, Simon was different. His mother was an Herbalist, some would say an alchemist and when Simon did not pick up the skill of the Family weapon the mother decided to teach him at a young age the workings of alchemy. His older brother Theadore was a woodsman by trade but also did not have the skill of the family weapon. They were close and helped each other. Simon caught on to his mothers skills and eventually surpassed them before reaching age twelve when his father was out a Necromancer who found Richters home sent the undead to destroy all that Richter cared for. The brothers fought and with their skills and aid of Alchemy they fought off the best they could until the master of the undead stood before them and dropped their fathers corpse to the ground.

The Undead Lord had hoped to demoralize the brothers, but his plan backfired. Theadore grabbed the his fathers axe and buried it in the monsters skull while Simon picked up the only other weapon and with masterful skill wielded the heirloom finishing the Undead Lord. Starting his journey into becoming the most Famous Undead slayer ever known.

His brother Theadore in turn took the axe and made his way to aid his brother when need be and hunted any Lycanthropes, or other wild monstrous being he felt he needed to.

Simon, Theadore, Verago, Moira, ****, **** Would eventually form one of the most formidable groups known. Facing the wonders of the world and taking on all hardships together they eventually needed to part from their group. Some had to part from this world all together. Some disappeared into obscurity.

It is near the end of these times when Simon would bear a Son, whom he would name Vincent. To keep his son safe so that his life would not make his son a target he asked his brother to take his Son away and raise him until he was old enough to learn about his father.

Eventually Simon would fall for a fellow teammate Moira, and with her Simon would also Bear a daughter. The Daughter Isabeau however would be of a royal elven lineage and Simon would be forced to raise her himself. He had little idea on raising a child so he did as best he could.

Simon Belmont

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