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Vincent Belmont was the Son of Simon Belmont. Possibly one of the greatest Slayers in history. Vncent however never knew his father. Born in another world all together. Vincent grew up in a wooded area just outside London. His uncle who raised him was the lands keeper of cemetery there and taught Vincent about the woods and nature and things of such nature. Vincent’s uncle was a smart man and knew eventually fate would come calling some day. So Vincent Uncle Theadore told him stories constantly about creatures of myths. Vampires, Zombies, Mummies, Werewolves, and so one. Each story had a final ending and the knowledge of their weaknesses and how the hero of the story would fight them. Whenever Theadore told a story, it was of this hero named Richter.

Little to Vincent’s knowledge was that these stories were told of his very own grandfather. Vincent knew Theadore was his uncle. All boys ask of their true father and Theadore, told what he could of Simon to the boy. As much as he could. Theadore too missed his brother and missed the land he once called home. He would eventually go back once the boy was ready to return.

Eventually though, one day Theadore did not return from hunting. The nuns of the church who Vincent had come to know well had informed Vincent that his Uncle Theadore had been killed while hunting from a pack of wolves. Vincent went into a sad moment, when he realized all he had was gone.

Weeks would pass until men arrived at the church looking for Vincent. With them a message and a package. Vincent Belmont was heir to a noble line in London and that his Father had he signed up for classes in the greatest school ever. With an abundance of Cash some gear including a strange Chain with a handle and nowhere else to go Vincent accepted the money and the new life in a school in a world beyond his belief. It took no time before Vincent realized the stories his uncle told him were not stories at all and that all along his Dear Uncle was preparing him for this moment. The item called to him and the moment he picked up the Chain Whip he knew he could wield it with great proficiency.

It was along the way that Vincent would meet his half sister and find friends his age for the first time. The children of a true sultan the son of The Sultan would become Vincent’s best friend. Muralis Verago Was a holy fighter with the blood of the elements deep inside him and the Sister Zafina Verago would become close friends with Isabeau, Vincent’s Half Sister.

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Vincent Belmont

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