The Order of the Crimson Dawn

Death of a brother by rene aigner

The Order of the Crimson Dawn is a somewhat secret organization designed to fight the creatures of the night. As well as the minions that protect them. In times of need they have been known to have a standing army. Where the soldiers come from is unknown. However if you come across someone who is a member and is more than just a soldier chances are they are dangerous.

Chief among the historied logs is a man named Simon Belmont. Known widely for his alchemical inventions and creations. But more known for the prowess for destroying those things that stand in the way of the living. Vampire Slayer, Monster Slayer, Werewolf Hunter, You name it any thing that has been said of one man as a killer have all been called of Simon Belmont. Of his family line all have been great slayers of things however he has surpassed them until is disappearance and death.

The Leader of the Order is called Arch Bishop Regal. Little is known about him except that he was a close friend of the Belmont family. None know how old he is or how powerful, however some say that his abilities are enough to topple governments if need be.

Commander Bond is one of three Commanders within the Order. The job of each Commander is unknown except by them and the Arch Bishop. However each seems to work with full knowledge of what the other is doing no matter where in the world they are. Commander Bond unknown to the world is the “High” Commander and is in Charge of the others and takes personal interest in special projects. Some say that his sword while looking non-magical has special powers and properties and Bond has been at times seen talking to his sword. It is rumored that each High Commander Before him resides within that sword, and each High Commander has bestowed a part of themselves within it to give it more strength.

_"By the will and grace of all things pure,
The stronger the dark becomes
the weaker becomes it’s will

As darkness corrupts what its upon
The Strength of us will increase
In the Order of the Crimson Dawn"_

-Speech Excerpt
by: Simon Belmont
Now the motto of the Crimson Dawn

The Order of the Crimson Dawn

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